Nima Electric Grinder



Machine Dimensions: Height 17cm Diameter 8.5cm
Special note: The machine can grind dry stuff, you can not wear wet stuff
Only with a damp cloth to wipe the inside, but we can not water rinse
Stainless Steel Bowl to mill coffee cardamom nuts spices.
One-time grinding 50 grams, can make 6-8 cups espresso
Durable, all stainless steel exterior, elegant
About Nima Electric Grinder – NM-8300

A spice grinder is a great appliance to have when it comes to grinding spices and coffee. The machinery is fine in quality and completely reliable as it comes with stainless and rust free bowl and blades. It is efficient in functioning and extremely easy to use. Get this amazing kitchen help for and make grinding more convenient and easy.

Specifications of Electric Grinder

– NM-8300 – Silver
Brand Nima
NM-8300 COLOR – Silver

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