Large Storage space; can store 600 pieces of coins or 100 pieces of paper money also can secret small personal items such as toy passport secret letters, etc.

Storage to meet all children’s needs.

Automatic Paper Money Scroll function puts the paper money on the scroll it can be rolled into the machine automatically for 10 seconds.

It will not work if the paper is too old or too soft.

You can put the coin into the saving box through the gap at the top of the money bank. Manufactured by Ventress.

Money Detector Function & Code Unlock.

With the LED purple light counterfeit lamp the authenticity of the banknote can be recognized.

Four electronic password protection you can change your password to more secure and reliable.

The 4-digit password can be set at will and the default factory password is 4624.

If you forget the password you can take out the battery and let it sit for half an hour to restore the factory settings. Great Gift Toys for Boys Girls Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

This code of electronic piggy banks can teach your children about the value of saving money improve the child’s property safety consciousness and developing a good habit of wealth it’s a perfect birthday or festival gift for kids.

It uses environmental ABS plastic eco-friendly non-toxic no odour anti-ageing durable material safety resistant to falling not easy to damage.

Creative carved portable design more fashionable more user-friendly more portable.

What’s in the box
1 x ATM Money Bank

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